There’s usually a small waiting list of roughly 2-3 weeks depending on the artist, but our large studio space means we can bring many guest artists from around the world to work with us every month, meaning waiting times are a minimal, and style variety is maximum.

Of course, this is what we are best at! The more references you can show us, such as pictures, photographs and sketches, the better. You must place trust in us as artists, but if there is anything specific you want with your design, make sure we know about it.

Prices vary depending on artist, design and size, but usually we be able to give you a rough quote if you pop in or contact us online. For bigger pieces / sleevework you may book a day sitting with an artist, which ranges from £350-£500/day.

Leave your fresh tattoo wrapped for the next 3-4 hours to protect it against bacteria, as this is when the wound is most open. Afterwards, clean it with warm water and antibacterial soap and gently dry with paper towels. Put a thin layer of aftercare cream on 3-5 times a day, whenever it gets dry.

Do not pick or scratch your tattoo, as tempting as it may be, and keep it safe from unclean environments by wrapping it in clingfilm. Do not bath, swim or sunbathe until it’s fully healed.

Once your tattoo is fully healed, always protect it from the sun by using sun lotion, to ensure your ink stays vibrant.

For small tattoos we take £50 deposit, and for larger tattoos we take £100.